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The Unique Way to Enhance Cargo Security

Goods and commodities have to be transported from manufacturing sites to warehouses and intermodal distribution. A lot can happen during transitory phases amidst such processes. This is where Real time cargo security features offer more control and preventive measures.

Enhanced cargo security

Cargo Security with real time dispatching, arrival and security alert notifications enables companies and customers to know exactly where their goods are at instantly and help both parties take necessary steps for preparation of the arrival.

  • Companies with well integrated cargo tracking devices and solutions experience improved shipment security backed by critical sensor communication and system data.
  • Ease of access to data and tracking with respect to the shipment of dangerous goods such as weapons or drugs and receive warnings in the form of notifications during hazardous situations.

Safety and security factors                                                    

Since a container tracking device offers features such as container door monitoring, it helps to detect any theft and optimizes cargo security from origin of dispatch to delivery destination. Such devices also comprise of panic buttons that can be used to alert drivers in theft prone high risk areas so that they can be extra careful and may reduce stoppages in transit for personal reasons.

With the support of state of the art tracking devices, one can also be informed about the use of GPS or GSM signal jammers. This helps prevent hijacking and theft to a great extent and also helps in tracking or tracing down stolen cargo vehicles using the information data provided by the GPS solutions.

Moreover, cargo security solutions have offered proven results when it comes to reduction and mitigation of unnecessary risk while boosting productivity and profitability in return. Due to GPS solutions, drivers cannot travel extra miles and veer away from the intended path. This helps save fuel costs and time spent in shipment. This helps shipment companies save a ton of money that is incurred in the name of monthly expenditure.

When cargo security is supported by GPS tracking and asset management solutions, the owner company has a well rounded in-transit and warehouse visibility tool. Moreover, the bottom of cargo vehicles can be secured with rugged devices that help prevent intrusion and will instantly send notification alerts and position/motion reporting if any of the goods in-transit is tampered.

Prevent fuel theft

There are state of the art modern sensors available that can easily sense unnatural or rapid loss of fuel and instantly send an alert or alarm to alert authorities about pilferage or fuel theft. Moreover, added features such as fuel level, security status of fuel tanks in military among various other applications are available. So, the use of the latest cargo security can offer more security measures than one can imagine. Even though the initial implementation cost can be slightly expensive, the overall benefit in the long run is priceless.