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Key Facts – Uberization of Logistics

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Today, there are many new applications which aim to Uberize logistics, or simply, to match under-utilized trucks with cargo moving between the start and end points.

Uberizing, or building the sharing economy for, logistics brings about many benefits. Firstly, from the shipper’s and consignee’s perspectives, Uberization brings down transportation costs. The variable costs for sending one additional piece of cargo is close to zero for a vehicle which is already making the trip. Secondly, from the transporters’ point of view, they could increase their revenue from the additional delivery and acquire new customers . Lastly, from the government’s point of view, Uberization of logistics can reduce the number of vehicles on the road and thereby reduce urban congestion. More importantly, when utilization of transportation assets increase, overall logistics costs decrease and this is key to the development of the economy.

The limitation of today’s Uberization applications is that they only work well when you are only looking for a single logistics provider from a start point to an end point. Today’s supply chain however is complex, involving multi-modal transportation, cross border transportation, and short to long range transportation assets. To truely optimize each leg of the supply chain, the entire supply chain will need to be Uberized, involving multiple logistics parties for different legs of the supply chain.

Security and transfer of custody are major concerns when multiple logistics providers are involved in a supply chain from start to end; Who should assume the responsibility when a discrepancy occurs to the cargo when it reaches the consignee? How can a logistics provider be assured that the cargo he is taking over from another logistics provider has not been tampered with?

Fortunately, security and transfer of custody smart logistics IoT devices providing cargo security are available today. These devices are able to report cargo tamper or unauthorized lock openings. With this technology, security and transfer of custody for global supply chains can be achieved, achieving true Uberization and ultimately, lowering logistics costs for the entire logistics ecosystem.

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This is what the Electronic Cargo Tracking System is About

The rise of globalization has led to cross border trade in the open market. Consumers are no longer refrained within the domestic market; they are now importing goods from abroad too. Such customers want real-time update about the location of their shipment and the approximate time it will take for it to reach them.

In every single industry, one of the most important things is the maintenance of proper flow of supply chain. If this is not done properly, the organization may have to face heavy losses. They may even lose profitable clients. So they have to make sure their shipments are received in proper time so that they can serve their clients timely. This is where Electronic Cargo Tracking System comes into the picture.

There are wide benefits of such tracking system, which is not confined to only different business houses. Government bodies can also track such cargo, which helps them to enforce the different regulations relating to cargo handling, collection of duties and taxes on such export and keep a watchful eye on dumping.

Also, such tracking system helps in providing security to the cargo, thus reducing the need to employ physical escorts for them. This helps in saving of considerable labor costs.

Nowadays, more and more consumers in Singapore are using the Electronic Cargo Tracking System. This has considerably reduced the number of cases of cargo going missing in transit. They are now assured that their shipments are making way as they should be.

It has also helped the insurance companies. They no longer have to settle heavy claims in instances of lost cargo. It also restricts unscrupulous people from claiming insurance against false reports of lost shipment.

Tracking is done with the help of the GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. A GPS-enabled device is kept with the cargo for efficient tracking. Such GPS container device will give you correct real-time location data about the cargo.

There are several companies in Singapore offering GPS container devices. But in my opinion, the safest and most sophisticated electronic cargo tracking system is provided by Ascent Solutions Pte Ltd. I had done a lot of research and screening before I handed over this work to Ascent Solutions, and so far they have proved it to be the correct decision.

Ascent Solutions offer not only cargo tracking; they also have efficient means to track non-motorized assets, apart from humans and animal tracking. They also provide services like inventory control as well as consignment stock tracking.

So, if you want an efficient electronic cargo tracking system to make sure your logistics management is done properly, all you have to do is hand over the job to Ascent Solutions. They are definitely the very best in the field and they will guarantee you a hassle-free experience.