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Key Facts – Uberization of Logistics

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Today, there are many new applications which aim to Uberize logistics, or simply, to match under-utilized trucks with cargo moving between the start and end points.

Uberizing, or building the sharing economy for, logistics brings about many benefits. Firstly, from the shipper’s and consignee’s perspectives, Uberization brings down transportation costs. The variable costs for sending one additional piece of cargo is close to zero for a vehicle which is already making the trip. Secondly, from the transporters’ point of view, they could increase their revenue from the additional delivery and acquire new customers . Lastly, from the government’s point of view, Uberization of logistics can reduce the number of vehicles on the road and thereby reduce urban congestion. More importantly, when utilization of transportation assets increase, overall logistics costs decrease and this is key to the development of the economy.

The limitation of today’s Uberization applications is that they only work well when you are only looking for a single logistics provider from a start point to an end point. Today’s supply chain however is complex, involving multi-modal transportation, cross border transportation, and short to long range transportation assets. To truely optimize each leg of the supply chain, the entire supply chain will need to be Uberized, involving multiple logistics parties for different legs of the supply chain.

Security and transfer of custody are major concerns when multiple logistics providers are involved in a supply chain from start to end; Who should assume the responsibility when a discrepancy occurs to the cargo when it reaches the consignee? How can a logistics provider be assured that the cargo he is taking over from another logistics provider has not been tampered with?

Fortunately, security and transfer of custody smart logistics IoT devices providing cargo security are available today. These devices are able to report cargo tamper or unauthorized lock openings. With this technology, security and transfer of custody for global supply chains can be achieved, achieving true Uberization and ultimately, lowering logistics costs for the entire logistics ecosystem.

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Why Need to Buy Cargo Device Tracking System for Real Time Tracking

Cargo device tracking are innovative norm for companies that help in shipping goods overseas. To keep a track of valuable products, various innovations have been planned to allow the exact tracking of even minute loading containers. This allow various companies to receive goods and ship on a more exact timeline and to keep in service expenses less, even while delivery more product.

Cargo container tracking system will help you to signify assets that are returnable. These are certain objects that have value to the company as they could be used for multiple times. These sorts of loading containers can be thought of as a cargo container for loading, and any cargo container shipping is a returnable asset.

From large loading containers on a ship can be a keg that holds wine or beer, if it can be used to ship amazing things and used repetitively, it can be considered assets that are returnable and so could be tracked. The reason of using tracking systems for loading containers is so crucial, besides an obvious concern for any product being shipped in of it, is that a shipping cargo container represents a valuable asset for a company.

is it a hard asset not only in case of loss of it may cost a company money to restore it, however it also has a cost that is the energy, time and thus increase profit in tracking down loading containers that have gone arguing or missing with customers and suppliers about discrepancies. For instance, inability to track properly a shipping container, such as 50 kegs for instance, can present a logistical problem for beer production ability when it comes to ship their produce to a bottling plant.

A well developed system of tracking can be priceless to a company thus many shipping loading containers that are being shipped all over world. It can tracking multiple loading shipping containers at one time, manage storage and return to the home base of coordinate and production the shipping process so that the little amount of energy and time are used.

Using any tracking application, one company can insert information about the cargo container and its filling, track its place to the exact coordinate around the world, control movements through various ports, and even be send response when its prepared life has been reached.

In short, a well-made cargo container tracking system is a crucial investment for the control, security, shipping, and recovery of any returnable big or small asset. If correctly used it can keep cost down and production up, and is a priceless aid to any company that ships their items to anywhere anytime.

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